Blog Post 2

I looked at the Omeka sites, which has a collection of Norwegian letters, and, which has oral histories of Latin American migrants in North Carolina. I am actually from North Carolina, which is one of the reasons I wanted to explore the New Roots website.

A Shoebox of Norwegian Letters is very well organized and easy to navigate, which I found helpful. The site is simple and intuitive. However, it was very text heavy, which felt overwhelming at times. I think the website could have benefitted from more multimedia elements, such as the embedded Google map, which allows site visitors to see exactly where the letters came from. I also found it mildly frustrating that clicking the Home buttons led me to a different page, which thankfully included credits, a list of updates, and a general overview of the site, but also included a giant link that just headed back to the website. It felt a little like a cycle or something.

New Roots took advantage of multimedia elements, embedding videos and interactive maps, which was a helpful way to visualize data and information. I also liked that one could navigate the site in English or Spanish, which makes the information more accessible. However, I found some of the design elements, like the text on the home page, difficult to read or distracting. Ultimately, though, the New Roots website is fairly easy to navigate and is well oranized and categorized.